How to Keep Important Paperwork Safe

By Joan 8 months ago
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As of October 2016 Hurricane Matthew has already moved in on millions of people and is ready to move up the East Coast.

Right now, it is important to gather all of your important paperwork and keep it as waterproof / fireproof as you possibly can.

This information is good all around precaution, for keeping your important/legal papers

as safe and accessible as you possibly can in any situation you may encounter.

      Below is a list of basic paperwork that you need to keep safe.  We are all busy people and a lot of us don't have the time to sit and think about what paperwokr may be missing.    You may have other legal paperwork that is not on this list,  just know that this is a basic list and it is here to jog your mind.  You may have other legal paperwork that is not on this list. To make it easy, take pictures of all of your paperwork and have current photographs,  using your phone, or scan it into your copy machine and transfer them to your laptop at home and then to a USB.  Have each member of your family carry a USB with the information.  Keep all of your original paperwork in a small enough, waterproof/fireproof safe. Make sure that the waterproof/fireproof safe is placed in your home where it is easily accessible so you can grab it and place it under your car seat.

Certificates/ Licenses 

  • Birth Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Social Security Cards
  • Pet Licenses/Vaccination Records
  • Copy of your Drivers Licenses
  • Vaccination Paperwork
  • Copy of your Land/Homeowners Deeds
  • Passports
  • Library Cards
  • Last 3 years Tax forms (Not everybody has gone digital)
  • Work Badges


Keep a copy of you and your loved ones current prescription medications on your phone and USB units as well as hard copies in your waterproof/fireproof box. 

Make sure any medical devices or equipment are up to date.

Make sure to refill you and your loved ones medications try to get a 90 day prescription when you know a storm is coming and pick up your medications at the Pharmacy NOW.  Don't wait until it's too late.

Insurance Papers

  • Home/Apartment Insurance
  • Copy of your Car Insurance
  • Health Insurance cards
  • Contact information of your Current Primary Care or Specialty Care Doctor and Dentist.


Also keep a copy of a couple of current bills, a paper copy and digital copy, of your water bill, electric bill, etc. These show your name,  customer number and current residential address.  Having these might make it easier for authorities, who's main purpose in keeping people at bay is to curtail looting, to allow you back into a devastated area.


  • Copies of  your Credit Cards
  • Copies of your Bank information: Account numbers
  • Make sure you have cash on hand.  Possibly up to Three Hundred Dollars. Use small bills, not larger than Five dollar Bills.  This is a stash that can be built up over time.


Have  current copies of photographs of your family, home and pets, on your phones or stashed with your copies of your paperwork in your waterproof/fireproof safe and/or on your phone.  Create a video of your home and valuables and up load it to YouTube in case something happens to your phone so you can have a record of your important property for insurance purposes. Why have current photos?  For one it will help if your family gets separated.  You will have something to show, so News media and authorities will be able to know who to look for, especially if you have children, pets, elderly or handicapped family members who may be lost.

Your paper work is important and to loose it having no trace will be devastating.  It will be hard to replace all of the hard copy paperwork without any kind of information on your identity, so to taking care of this NOW, will take some of the load off of your mind.




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