Purchasing And Storing Water


A gallon of water weighs about 5 pounds or more.  So, purchasing and then hauling three weeks worth of water into your home all at one time and storing it is daunting. But you can do this a bit at a time. I know some of you are living in small upstairs apartments without elevators but you can still store enough for emergencies.

Purchase your gallons on days that you aren’t doing your regular grocery shopping. bring home a gallon or two at a time. If you have a car a and belong to a big box club it will be easier for you.  You can go and purchase a case, or cases of water, in smaller bottles.


Be sure to store your bottles of Water in relatively cool climate controlled spaces, such as the interior of your place, bedroom, guest bedroom, living room, closet, etc. away from any kind of heat sources such as radiators and space heaters and un-insulated   garages.  Make sure to keep your Water out of direct sunlight because the heat can cause BPA from plastic bottles to easily leech into your water. Also make sure you keep your bottles away from any kind of chemicals because plastic is porous and the chemicals can leech their way into your water source and destroy your emergency water making it either unfit to drink. or at the least very unpleasant to drink.


You Have To Buy Bottles, So
For my short term needs I personally purchase Ozarka bottles because they are very sturdy. And I have found that Ozarka has made their water bottles, in the one gallon jug,with the easy pour handle., able to stack on top of each other very nicely. They cost about 30 cents more per gallon than the water with the cheaper plastic. But I have purchased the bottles with the cheaper flimsy plastic and found that over time  maybe in about 2 to 3 months, the water leaks out of the bottles ruining your rugs or your floors and not only have you’ve wasted your money but you’ve wasted your precious resource as well. . I’d rather pay a bit extra for a bottle that will stand the test of time.

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